2012 Edition, contemporary photography

Enthusiastically received by the press and professionals, who have emphasized the sharp and consistent selection, nofound photo fair exhibited atypical projects in relation to the conventional market and has established itself as the must-see photography event in Paris. A place of exchange and collaboration, nofound photo fair provided an overview of the emerging scene through the eyes of 50 exhibitors, galleries and publishers.

Thank you for coming!

Among the projects selected by the public: the personal exhibition Harmony Korine, presented by La galerie du jour Agnes B & Arte, the “Make Up Girls” installation by Ed Templeton, the Tom Wood solo show by Sit Down gallery, or this year’s collaboration with FOAM Museum in Amsterdam.

16 of the exhibited projects came from foreign exhibitors: two galleries from the Netherlands, an American foundation, a gallery from Bosnia, a German publisher, a Swiss photography festival, Japanese galleries and publishers, a Norwegian gallery, galleries from London, an Irish publisher and a Belgian collective.

Image (c) JH Engstrom, introduced by Morel Books. Florent Routoulp for Purple.


project spaces, contemporary photography

FOAM will present Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier at nofound photo fair

Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier

Rico & Michael live and work in Zürich. They studied photography at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste from 2006 to 2010 and began collaborating as a duo in 2008. Since then Rico & Michael have worked on their archive of photographs and videos of today’s Facebook generation, commercial commissions and projects for magazines. In 2011 Patrick Frey Editions published their 480 pages book Neue Menschen. This summer Double Extension Beauty Tubes was shown at Foam 3H, Foams space for young and upcoming talent and in Museum Winterthur in Switzerland.

FOAM Museum

Foam presents the installation Double Extension Beauty Tubes by Swiss artists Rico & Michael. They have taken pictures and have filmed teenagers for more than two years, creating their archive of photographs and videos of today’s Facebook generation. More than a thousand pictures of Metal heads, vampires and platinum blonds in high fashion outfits are being presented in a dark space on ten iPads. The rhythm, the quantity of photographs and the pulsing beat of the music all conjure up an experience of contemporary youth cultures such as emotional hardcore, gothic, heavy metal and punk.


2012 Edition, contemporary photography

The nofound photo fair team is proud to announce the venue of Diana Scherer at the fair, thanks to Seelevel Gallery.

Seelevel Gallery booth

Seelevel Gallery is pleased to present an artist talk and book signing with Diana Scherer at the Seelevel booth at Nofound Photofair. Curator Caroline O’Breen, will interview the international renowned artist Diana Scherer about her most recent series Nurture Studies and her recently released eponymous book, published by Van Zoetendaal Publishers.

Artists talk and book signing Diana Scherer
Saturday, November 17, 4pm.

With Nurture Studies, the artist presents an archive of flowers she has grown from seed over a six-month period. More than just recording a composition or arrangement, her photos document an extended sculptural and botanical investigation. Diana’s work has been published widely a.o. in Capricious, The New Yorker Blog, Liberation and Blink Magazine. Her work was presented in solo and group exhibitions in Paris, New York, Berlin and Seoul. She received the Gregers Nielsen Award by the Brandts Museum of Photography in Denmark and was nominated for the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie. Her work is represented by Seelevel Gallery in Amsterdam. Seelevel presents leading fine art photography by Dutch talent, selling art photographs both online as well as at temporary exhibitions and is founded in 2009 by the curators Manon Funcke and Caroline O’Breen.


2012 Edition, contemporary photography

BLINK in Paris! at nofound photo fair 2012

BLINK is a print magazine and it’s presented online. The editor and founder is ARam Kim, an amazing lady totally in love with photography and the arts. She quit her job as an art editor for an art magazine, and decided to invent her own magazine. I am stunned by ARam’s energy, her amazing taste for incredibly fresh, sometimes funny, sometimes strange, sometimes serious and always broad range of intelligent international art work which she presents…


project spaces, contemporary photography

Thierry Mouillé's monumental installation at nofound photo fair 2012.

Thierry Mouillé / nofound project
Galerie Claudine Papillon (Paris)

"Ce que le filtre aquarelle permet dans le menu photoshop en 1999, c’est de singer la texture de la « touche véritable ». Ces deux images ont été ramassées dans des revues de coloriage de l’actualité ; l’une concernant les expériences datées des capacités d’imitation ; l’autre illustre la puissance de dilution d’un coffret fort d’aquarelle, étendard flottant et levé." T.M. 2012


project spaces, contemporary photography

The nofound photo fair team is very happy to announce that Marie Quéau won the Grand Prix/nofound Prize.

Winner of the nofound Prize : Marie Quéau

This Prize created in collaboration with the de Groot Foundation has been  awarded by a jury composed of David Evrard and Peter Sutherland. The work of Marie Quéau will be presented on the fair, we hope you will enjoy it!!!


2012 Edition, contemporary photography

We are very happy to welcome damepipi TV on nofound photo fair 2012. Yvette Néliaz will interview exhibitors, artists and all the other persons she will meet during the fair.

damepipi TV

For ten years Yvette Néliaz (aka damepipi) has filmed and photographed parties and art previews. She takes pictures of people and stuffs found there, like fire extinguishers or garbage… Then she shakes them in a great mix to create an archaeological disorder and highlights the links between reality and photography.


2012 Edition, contemporary photography

We are pleased to announce a new award in collaboration with the deGroot Foundation: The Grand Prix de la Découverte/ nofound Prize.

With this price, nofound photo fair reaffirms its commitment to contemporary photography, through the support of experimental projects brought by both emerging and well established artists.

nofound Prize

The jury, composed of David Evrard and Peter Sutherland, will select artworks at the crossroads of photography and plastic arts : installations, video, collages, etc all sorts of creations that have in common the use of the still image.

This award allows for exploration of photography as a multidimensional art, as installation, as an art form integrated with other media or sensory experiences (sound, words, taste, touch, smell), or as a collage or digitally enhanced or manipulated image. The award-winning artworks will be showcased during the fair, a sign of nofound photo fair in November 2012 dedication to promoting this kind of images in the contemporary art world, in an effort to underline the diversity and richness of the photographic medium.

Submit your work!

The winner receives a $1,000 cash award and presentation of the work at the nofound photo fair in Paris alongside the work of the two jurors, David Evrard of Belgium and Peter Sutherland of the U.S.


Project Spaces, contemporary photography

Harmony Korine's solo-show by ARTE, in close collaboration with the Galerie du jour - agnès b.

This solo show, specifically imagined for the 2012 edition of nofound photo fair, is one of the three special projects the fair is hosting this year.

Harmony Korine

Born in 1973 in Bolinas, California, Harmony Korine is an American artist, film director and screenwriter. Harmony Korine first met photographer Larry Clark while skate-boarding in Washington Square and gave him a screenplay to read. Impressed by Korine’s talent, Clark commissioned another script in which Korine was asked to tell about his daily life. Less than three weeks later, Korine delivered Kids. He was aged 19 at the time. Following this first work he directed Gummo, with which he won several awards including in Venice and Rotterdam.

A multidisciplinary artist, Harmony Korine uses drawing, photography, painting and video. His quirky art, filled with humour and a sense of tragedy, reveals evocative and provocative scenes that disconcert his audiences.

Mixing formats, languages and materials, reinterpreting symbols, Harmony Korine creates an aesthetics of editing based on the permanent recycling of teenage archetypes. 

Image (c) Harmony Korine, Untitled, Color Son, 1998. Courtesy Galerie du jour - agnès b


2012 Edition, contemporary photography

The nofound photo fair team is happy to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of the Black Box. Located at the heart of nofound photo fair 2012, the Black Box is designed to promote the work of the most active art bloggers and photo curators on the internet through multimedia projects (slide-shows, interactive exhibitions, videos, etc.). The 2012 edition of the Black Box is curated by Florent Roultoup.

The Black Box

The Black Box is a 8 sqm booth closed in darkness. Fully equipped with sound and HD video, it is flexible according to the proposed projects.

How to Contribute?

Featured in the form that suits its best, your project must emphasize the artistic direction of your website or blog. Accepted: slide-shows, video sequences, interactive displays, etc. or any other photo projects requiring a HD projector, media player or computer speakers.

Project selection will be made online only, we do not accept files to download. Thank you to upload your project on a streaming website (Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) and send us the link for selection.

Please send your link to blackbox@nofoundphotofair.com accompanied by: • The name of your site/blog and the link • A short description of your project • Contact information

Closing date: Monday, October 15th, 2012.

After selection, we will ask you the HD version of your project and an image or screenshot (300dpi) to be able to promote The Black Box to the press and our partners.


To have a website or blog dedicated to contemporary photography active for over a year (November 2011).

Florent Roultoup

After working for Vice and Purple Fashion, Florent Routoulp, photographer and photo editor, has contributed to magazines like Candy and Franzine137. Part of the MTV generation and the “magazines years”, tumblr addict, fed by both images and the Internet, Florent Roultoup’s work focuses on Youth, Identity and Digital Media. A visual language based on correspondence of images, in which cynicism and aggressiveness are side to side with vulnerability and kindness.

Represented by the Daeppen Gallery (Basel), Florent Routoulp lives and works in Paris and has been exhibited in Berlin, Milan, Basel and London.


Hors les murs, contemporary photography

nofound photo fair, the contemporary photography fair in Paris, has been invited in Arles, France, from the 2nd to the 7th of July, by the Voies Off festival, for the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie Opening Week.

nofound photo fair hosted a David Evrard solo show as well as featured several friends and exhibitors of nofound photo fair 2011 who brought together in a single venue for publishers and magazines: Dust (Berlin) and Year (Brussels) magazines, The British Journal of Photography (London), the publishers Jean Boite Editions (Paris) and Self Publish Be Happy! (London) and the art center Triangle (Marseille).

Memories from Arles 2012 on facebook (thanks SPBH!).


2012 Edition, contemporary photography

New this year, nofound photo fair has created a photography bookshop that will also serve as an information centre for visitors to the event: the Found.


This visitor centre and bookshop acts as a focal point for all the information you need to know about nofound photo fair 2012: books, galleries, artists, photographs. Organised by Gaëlle Assier, the Found is a perfect starting point for visitors who wish to have a quick overview of the event. It is also a meeting place and will play host to a selection of publishers of photography books who will showcase their latest books and projects alongside those of Work Is Progress - partner of the space.

Gaëlle Assier

Gaëlle Assier trained as an anthropologist and was always fascinated by film, the construction of images and the mysterious photographs taken by explorers. She learnt the tools of her first trade, that of cultural coordinator, in a museum of science and natural history. She aims to set up meetings and interfaces between cultural venues and the people who come to visit them through an approach that combines both scientific and artistic elements. Gaëlle Assier was involved in the Musée du quai Branly right from the very start, notably in the organization of guided tours, talks and educational/schools activities. Later on, she organized the transdisciplinary training programme for lecturers at the Cité Nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration (the National Museum of Immigration History), which recounts the history of immigration in France, principally through the medium of fine art photography. Now Gaëlle Assier is the project officer and head of communications for the publishing company Work Is Progress and as such, much to her delight, is able to delve into the world of the photography book in a return to her old passion for sharing images.

Please contact Gaëlle for more info.


2012 edition, contemporary photography

The nofound photo fair team will be very happy to welcome an installation of Sophie Jung, winner of the 2012 Levallois Photography Award 5th edition (partner of nofound photo fair 2012) in November.


2012 edition, contemporary photography

The nofound photo fair team is very happy and proud to introduce you the image of the 2012 edition of the fair : ‘Deers’ by Peter Sutherland. Thanks so much Peter!