2012 Edition, contemporary photography

The nofound photo fair team is happy to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of the Black Box. Located at the heart of nofound photo fair 2012, the Black Box is designed to promote the work of the most active art bloggers and photo curators on the internet through multimedia projects (slide-shows, interactive exhibitions, videos, etc.). The 2012 edition of the Black Box is curated by Florent Roultoup.

The Black Box

The Black Box is a 8 sqm booth closed in darkness. Fully equipped with sound and HD video, it is flexible according to the proposed projects.

How to Contribute?

Featured in the form that suits its best, your project must emphasize the artistic direction of your website or blog. Accepted: slide-shows, video sequences, interactive displays, etc. or any other photo projects requiring a HD projector, media player or computer speakers.

Project selection will be made online only, we do not accept files to download. Thank you to upload your project on a streaming website (Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.) and send us the link for selection.

Please send your link to blackbox@nofoundphotofair.com accompanied by: • The name of your site/blog and the link • A short description of your project • Contact information

Closing date: Monday, October 15th, 2012.

After selection, we will ask you the HD version of your project and an image or screenshot (300dpi) to be able to promote The Black Box to the press and our partners.


To have a website or blog dedicated to contemporary photography active for over a year (November 2011).

Florent Roultoup

After working for Vice and Purple Fashion, Florent Routoulp, photographer and photo editor, has contributed to magazines like Candy and Franzine137. Part of the MTV generation and the “magazines years”, tumblr addict, fed by both images and the Internet, Florent Roultoup’s work focuses on Youth, Identity and Digital Media. A visual language based on correspondence of images, in which cynicism and aggressiveness are side to side with vulnerability and kindness.

Represented by the Daeppen Gallery (Basel), Florent Routoulp lives and works in Paris and has been exhibited in Berlin, Milan, Basel and London.